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Latest Results from Sefton's Met. Office Standard Weather Station

This page shows the current Meteorological Data for components measured within Sefton Metropolitan Borough.

Current Information From Stations

Orchard Lane, Woodvale, Ainsdale

Date: 04-09-2015 Time: 19:00
Average Relative Humidity over last minute86.4 %
Average Wind Direction in last 10 minNW
Average Wind Speed in last 10 min11.9 knots
Direction of Hourly Gust316.0 º
Hourly Average Wind Speed10.7 knots
Hourly Maximum 3 second gust20.5 knots
Max Hourly Rainfall highest 10min running Av in last hour0.0 mm
Maximum 3 second gust in last 10 min20.5 knots
Maximum Hourly Temperature14.8 ºC
Minimum Hourly Temperature14.7 ºC
Most frequent direction from hourly histogram310.0 º
Temperature14.8 ºC
Total Hourly Rainfall0.0 mm
Total Hourly Solar Energy5.1 kJ