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Air Pollution

Latest Results From Electronic Monitoring Stations

This page shows the latest Air Pollution data measured in Sefton. In order to put these readings in context the Government Air Pollution Banding that they would fall into is shown. The Government has not defined bandings for all pollutants.

The bandings are based on a 10 point index split into 4 bands.

Band Index Health Descriptor
  Low 1,2,3 Effects are unlikely to be noticed even by individuals who know they are sensitive to air pollutants.
  Moderate 4,5,6 Mild effects unlikely to require action may be noticed amongst sensitive individuals.
  High 7,8,9 Significant effects may be noticed by sensitive individuals and action to avoid or reduce these effects may be needed (e.g. reducing exposure by spending less time in polluted areas outdoors). Asthmatics will find that their "reliever" inhaler is likely to reverse the effects on the lung.
  Very High 10 The effects for sensitive individuals described for "High" levels of pollution may worsen.

It is not intended to suggest that certain health effects are bound to occur at levels within each band. Also there are no sudden changes in effects as levels pass from one band to another. People with heart conditions or severe lung diseases (e.g. chronic bronchitis or emphysema) may be more sensitive to changes in air pollution than the descriptions suggest.

Hawthorne Road, Litherland

Date: 30-05-2023 Time: 06:45
Nitrogen Dioxide (hourly mean)36.9 µg/m³Low (1)
PM10 Particles (running 24 hour mean)17.7 µg/m³Low (1)

Millers Bridge, Bootle

Date: 30-05-2023 Time: 06:45
Nitrogen Dioxide (hourly mean)43.5 µg/m³Low (1)
PM10 Particles (running 24 hour mean)16.7 µg/m³Low (1)
PM2.5 Particles (running 24 hour mean)8.5 µg/m³Low (1)

Regent Road, Bootle

Date: 30-05-2023 Time: 06:45
PM2.5 Particles (running 24 hour mean)8.1 µg/m³Low (1)

Crosby Road South, Seaforth

Date: 30-05-2023 Time: 07:45
Nitrogen Dioxide (hourly mean)10.2 µg/m³Low (1)
Sulphur Dioxide0.0 ppb Low (1)

Waterloo Primary School, Crosby Road North, Waterloo

Date: 30-05-2023 Time: 07:15
Nitrogen Dioxide (hourly mean)15.9 µg/m³Low (1)

Princess Way, Seaforth

Date: 30-05-2023 Time: 06:15
Nitrogen Dioxide (hourly mean)40.5 µg/m³Low (1)